Blue jeans or yoga pants? Teens choosing active wear forcing fashion changes

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HOUSTON – The type of clothes you wear can help identify you as a Brokeback man’s man or a Soprano hit man.

Right now, the big question in the fashion world is blue jeans or a yoga pants?

The popularity of denim blue jeans may be fading as teenagers go with yoga pants, leggings and leisure wear.

Levi’s figured the fashion world would be forever in blue jeans, but the company’s blue-jeans sales have dropped more than $7 billion in recent years as younger buyers walked away in favor of more casual and comfortable clothes.

Now the traditional blue-jeans outlets are scrambling to catch up to their customers.

For example, Gap is pegging its hopes on its active-wear division and including more leggings and jogging pants to their lines.

But there are times when even the most fashionable yoga pants should just stay in the closet to protect the rest of us from seeing things that will be hard to forget.

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