FAA will require registration of all drones

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WASHINGTON, DC - Drones seem to be all the buzz today. But upcoming regulations regarding the unmanned air crafts might soon make owning these hot items, a buzz-kill. That's right, the party's over fly boys. The feds are requiring all drones to be documented.

Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, "We're going to require operators of drones to register their aircraft, just like commercial drone operators do currently. The details of this new registration system will be developed by a task force, consisting of government leaders and a diverse group of stake owners, who will work on a tight deadline to get this work done."

This new regulation is seen by many as laws catching up to modern technology. With more and more hobbyists zipping these drones around in public places, the FAA's ruling is their attempt to restore air traffic safety. A good move, according to many professional drone operators.

Too many close calls with drones could be a reason why the government is making registration mandatory. The new regulations may also provide peace of mind to someone in a public place, while a drone hovers overhead. The government is now figuring out up to what size drones should be registered. Don't worry kids, your little flying toys will be safe.

The FAA is hoping to issue regulations by mid-December, just in time for the holidays. Great, cause the last thing we need is for Santa to have a mid-air collision with an unregistered drone.