Head of Singapore megachurch convicted of using church funds to boost career of his pop-star wife

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SINGAPORE – The United States is not the only country that convicts crooked preachers in the pulpit.

A Singapore court has convicted City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee and five other church officials of misappropriating $24 million in church funds to help boost the singing career of Kong’s wife Ho Yeow Sun.

She’s a Billboard chart-topping dance music star who has collaborated with the likes of Wyclef Jean.

She also appeared in a video for the 2007 Beijing Special Olympics.

Singapore officials say Kong and the others helped Sun’s career by funneling $24 million of church funds into bogus investments, and then using another $26 million to cover their tracks.

The church originally bankrolled her career up front, but stopped after a church member publicly accused Kong and others in 2003 of misusing church money.

The judge said the prospect of financial return was not the reason for setting up the sham investments. The judge also said Kong and the others had convinced themselves they were doing nothing wrong by helping Sun’s career.

Sun was not charged.

Now, she’ll have to find another harvest if she wants to keep doing the same old song and dance.