Some residents return home after Bastrop county fires

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BASTROP COUNTY, TX - The dust is settling and the air is clearing from the Bastrop County fires, which burned nearly 4,600 acres and 64 homes.  Now, it's clean up time.

As investigators do their work, a new possible reason for the fire rises from the ashes.  Reportedly, an "intentionally set" burn pile may be to blame.

If that's the case, it would be in violation of a burn ban that's in effect.

Evacuees from the Hidden Pines area are returning to what's left of their hometown, after being gone for more than week.

"Turned out that on our street there were 16 homes and 10 of those burned to the ground.  We're so sad about what happened to these neighbors," said Carolyn Boyle.

There's been a call for volunteers to help with long-term recovery efforts in Bastrop county.

On a lighter note, crews are working to make sure residents aren't left in the dark.

Bluebonnet Electric company is working to restore power in that part of the hill country.

Residents whose homes weren't damaged in the fire now have a new concern as heavy rain is expected in the forecast.

"My concern here is that the spillway collapses and if that happens we could lose the road and we could lose the pond itself," said Jim Boyle.