Brazoswood High School investigates threats made on social media

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CLUTE, TX - Some parents in Clute, Texas were extremely nervous on Thursday after tweets on social media circulated warning of a shooting that would take place at Brazoswood High School.

One worried parent says, "Parents are afraid because we know how things can escalate and get twisted around and somebody could possibly get hurt."

The tweets that showed up a Brazoswood Bucs profile were racially motivated with heavy use of the n-word.

Several parents showed up at the local police department scared to even send their kids to school on Thursday. Brazosport Independent School District (BISD) says they investigated the threats and found no evidence they were legitimate. No weapons were found on campus and no one has been arrested. BISD increased security on campus.

Despite what BISD did, some parents were not satisfied since they felt that classes should have been cancelled, and parents who chose to have their kids stay home feel their absence should be excused.

Brazosport Independent School District did send out this statement in regards to the social media concerns:

We are aware of the rumors circulating the district regarding the safety and security of Brazoswood High School. Please know that the safety of our students and staff is truly our first priority. We do not take rumors or threats lightly and will always investigate, and prosecute all supported claims to the fullest extent of the law.

Officials have investigated the reported rumors and have found they are unsubstantiated. Social media comments have added steam to these rumors, so we would like to clarify that there have been no arrests and no weapons on campus. If you have any evidence of a threat or rumor we ask that you please share with the campus administration or BISD Police Department so that they can investigate it further.

Although social media is a great communication tool, when rumors are shared, added to and re-shared without verification of truth, simple comments can cause unnecessary fear and worry for students as well as parents and the community. We have a great, close-knit community in Brazosport - and together we can work to keep our kids safe without adding unwarranted panic and stress.

As a precautionary measure, additional security will be on site, but we anticipate a regular school day at Brazoswood.

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