Goforth investigator suspended for misconduct

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HOUSTON - There's been some strange twists and turns in the murder investigation of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth.

First, a witness in the case comes forward saying she was having an affair with the deceased. Then, an investigator on the case admitted having sex...with her!

Craig Clopton told his bosses that the sex was consensual. That may be, but it's also highly unethical, so he was suspended on October 9. Clopton hasn`t been fired - at least not yet. His misconduct case has to go through Human Resources, and like most HR stuff, it`s confidential.

But here`s what we can tell you. At some point, it could be today, next week or next month, Internal Affairs will brief a committee of Command Staff. This Command Staff will then make a recommendation to HR who`ll notify Clopton.

Let`s say hypothetically, of course, that they recommend termination, then Clopton will have 10 days to appeal. If his appeal is denied, then (hypothetically) Clopton will get the boot.

Actually, whatever decision is made won`t be "officially official" until it`s reviewed by the Civil Service Commission. This Commission reviews all cases involving civil servants, and has the FINAL say. At that point, we`ll know for sure if he'll be "sacked" for his time in the sack.

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