In Norway, the word Texas means crazy

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OSLO, NORWAY - In Texas, if you want to describe something as "crazy", you might used words like; wild, eccentric, trippy, or insane. These are all fine choices, but travel halfway around the world to Norway, and the word Norwegians choose to describe crazy is "Texas".

Senior adviser for the Norwegian Consulate, Anne Ekern, says, "A lot of people, they started using the expression that when things got a bit, you know, a lot of action, a bit wild maybe. They use the term it's totally Texas." Ekern explains, "It's really not a bad thing. It's a way to describe a wild time, a lot going on. It's Texas."

According to the office of the Norwegian Consulate, the term Texas has been used for a long time. It's even in the Norwegian dictionary. And how did Texas begin to mean crazy in Norway? Seems like it has to do with Norwegian's love of old-time westerns. Ekern says, "It's definitely based on having watched the wild west movies. I think it's just the association, you know, they think it all happened in Texas. We know better, but we still use the term."

So now, if someone asks you if you speak Norwegian, you'll know at least one word. Texas! But if Texans wanted to describe something that's really crazy, they would just call it Florida!

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