Dad shares creative tardy notes online

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- When kids are misbehaving, spanking is old school. Shaming is new age.

Just as this Seth King, also known as "LateNotes" on Instagram. He’s attracted a pretty heft following since he started posting lyrical tardy notes for his five kids online.

Apparently the Salt Lake City dad got sick of writing the same old tired excuses to teachers for his kids, so he started making stuff up and sharing his tall tales on social media.

Take this one: "Please excuse Carson King for being late today. His choreographer kept him later than we planned during early morning boy band practice. Many people don't know that Carson is one of 5 members of the popular boy band named "essence of pubescence." they are huge in the strip mall circuit."

Another one says his daughter recently joined a cult, so she had to go to a mandated ritualistic sacrificial offering.

It sounds like King’s kids are busy. And maybe he has too much time.