La Marque ISD superintendent resigns a month after being ‘removed’

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LA MARQUE, TX - In the worst attempt we've ever seen to save face, Terri L. Watkins, superintendent of La Marque Independent School District resigned Friday. But wasn't she already fired last month?

"She claimed that she was gonna do something, make a big change," says Frankie Young whose grandkids go to school in the district. "She didn't do nothin'!"

You wouldn't know that by Watkins' resignation letter, though. She writes, "I am proud to say that La Marque students met the academic standards set by the Texas Education Agency." Yeah, finally -- for the first time since the 2010-2011 school year.  Watkins fails to mention they were ranked "academically unacceptable" with "improvement required" the rest of her tenure and their financial rating is still "substandard."

Christina Alvarado has been very disappointed with her daughter's education at La Marque Elementary. And it hasn't just been in the classroom, "I've been in the cafeteria and the workers are yelling at them... They serve 'em food that's disgusting. I wouldn't feed it to my dog."

All this led the TEA last month to inform Watkins and the entire school board they were being "removed." But in her resignation letter, Watkins states, "It is critical that the current board remain intact to continue the work that has begun "

Uhhhh... does "substandard" mean something different in her book?

Glenda Latin has four children in the school system, "You have a community here with children whose parents have grown up here in this community who love this school district, who love this school and this is the way you treat it? This is the way you let it go down?!"

Watkins says she will stay on through December 18, the end of the semester. And most telling in her letter of resignation -- she fails to sign her name.

Who can blame her, after all she's done (or hasn't done) for this community?

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