Number of firearms owned by gun enthusiasts has doubled in 20 years

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WASHINGTON, DC - Seems like when it comes to owning guns, the more the merrier. According to data published in the Washington Post, there are less households that have firearms, but owners today have twice as many guns as they did in the mid-90's. John Boyert; CEO and owner of Boyert Shooting Center says, "Gun ownership per household has dropped, but people still that own guns are still buying more."

The report says the average gun owner today has a total of 8 guns, compared with 4 guns in 1994. So why are gun enthusiasts doubling their pleasure? According to Boyert, it has to do with how they're using their firearm. "If it's a home defense, it's a little bigger. If it's being carried in your pocket or purse with a CHL, it may be a little smaller. So people start to, besides that different looks, they start to realize, to fit their lifestyle they might need more than one."

Plus, experts say, once a person buys their first firearm, they tend to want more, like tattoos! So for them, there can never be enough. Experts say the key to collecting multiple firearms is being responsible. Boyert says, "The person that really does worry me a little bit is the person that buys their first firearm for self-defense, they never practice, they never use it properly, their self-defense gun sits in a draw, loaded, and they don't even know how to use it."

So, it's not the size of your collection that counts, it's how you use it.