Stepping out of the box with Brick and Mortar

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RICHMOND, Tx - The Grand Parkway has brought a lot of growth to Richmond, and one of its newest additions is a classy little joint, boasting fresh fare with a southern feel, called Brick & Mortar Kitchen.

"It's a little bit of the big city that we brought out here, and we want people to be able to try it and love it, and come out here and have a great time," says owner Phillip Brown.

Brown and his wife Laura are restaurant vets from Austin. The owners of Vince Young Steakhouse not only brought their experience from up north, they've stepped outside the box a bit with Brick & Mortar.
Their new spot is a place where you'll find the comfort of grandma's recipes lining the entryway, but still feel free to have fun with 80's movies playing toward the back.

Chew on this, if you love the decor enough, you can go next door and buy it, all you have to do is walk through the bar, and you're in the newest Gallery Furniture show room.

"My father-in-law was in New York visiting a furniture store up there called ABC Carpet, and inside that furniture store they have a restaurant called ABC Kitchen, and that really interested him and he wanted to do that in his new store that he was opening out here on Grand Parkway," explained Brown.

Yes, Brown's father-in-law is Mattress Mack, and Brick & Mortar is just the family's newest twist on their booming business model, but by no means should this dining experience only be paired with picking out couches.

Dishes like fall-inspired venison chili or  a wood-fired pizza pie are only a couple of highlights on this rotating farm-to-table menu.

Whether you stop in after shopping, or catch brunch or some live music in the lounge on weekends, Brick & Mortar kitchen is a fresh and unique concept to consider.