Student apologizes after playing racist song during high school football game

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GLEN ALLEN, VA - Sports can bring out the touchingly emotional, oddly hostile and just plain weird. But high school leaders say a song that played during a Virginia football game was downright racist.

The song, which included the N-word and other derogatory language, blasted over the loudspeakers at Glen Allen High School.

"It was shock and then the shock turned to anger," said parent Aileen Coles Davis.

"It was appalling. It was disappointing," said Henrico school board chairman John Montgomery.

The student has come forward with an apology and an explanation for how the offensive tune ended up on his playlist.

"I'm deeply sorry to those I have offended and especially to Marshall community," the student said. "One of the songs I downloaded was under a fake title and was actually just a prank from a YouTuber."

It's a mistake that should have been caught by an adviser, according to Dr. Gwen Miller, the school's principal.

"At a school, it's the adults in charge who are responsible for what happens," she said.

It's safe to say the next time kids make a playlist, an adult will be checking it twice to make sure it's not naughty, but nice.