Time to cheer Lauren Fields as a Class Act

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PASADENA, TX - Lauren Fields knows that she has a lot to do each day and very little time to do them all.  The senior at Pasadena Memorial High School says organization is the key to getting everything accomplished.  Not only is she the captain of the Mavericks' cheer squad, she's also a dual credit student, taking courses at San Jacinto College Central.

"I keep a planner and list everything I need to do from start to finish," Fields said.

Fields says her mom has always helped her stay focused.

"My mom loves how busy I am. She says the busier I am, the less I'll get in trouble. She's a teacher as well, so it's been drilled into me to manage things and to go after what you want to do."

Fields won't rule out the possibility of cheering in college, but her main priority will be studying to be an occupational therapist.