Woman find dog’s casket in yard

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MISSION, TX – You could call it a real-life nightmare on Elm Street.

Deedee Oliveira recently bought a house on Elm Street in Mission, Texas. Workers were recently doing renovations to the backyard when they hit something in the ground. Oliveira said, “They let my dad know first that they found a box. And so my dad said, ‘okay we’ll move the box later so you can finish the work.'” But it was no ordinary box. It turns out it was a coffin just four feet long.

Detectives came out to the house to investigate a possible crime, but Oliveira’s neighbors told her that the old homeowners once held a funeral for a pet. Police found dog bones inside the casket, along with pictures of a family’s pet. A tool box with cat bones inside was also in the ground. Oliveira said, “Thank god it was a dog and not human remains, I think I would’ve gone crazy.”

They say all dogs go to heaven, but maybe some would rather spend eternity in the yard.

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