Passenger with cerebral palsy crawls off plane

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - United Airlines is apologizing after a passenger with cerebral palsy was forced to crawl off a plane. D'Arcee Neal claims a mix-up at the gate left no specialized wheelchair to help him off the plane. Neal was told to wait, but he needed to use the restroom, and couldn't use the one on board.

"I'm not able to stand, so that's virtually impossible," said Neal.

After 30 minutes, Neal says he couldn't wait any longer, so he crawled out, as flight attendants just stood by and stared.

"I expected them to say, 'How can we assist you? What is the best way?' No they didn't," said Neal.

Sounds pretty harsh, but it seems United changed their tune after a flight attendant filed an incident report. The airline offered him $300 compensation, and suspended the on-duty manager. Neal says he's satisfied with how the company handled the situation, but hopes others will take a hard look at their disabled access policies.

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