Texans release QB Ryan Mallett

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HOUSTON, TX - It's official: Ryan Mallett is out.

The Houston Texans released the quarterback after he got "stuck in traffic" and missed the team's charter flight to Miami this weekend.

Word is, coach Bill O'Brien wanted to dump the punctually challenged quarterback on Saturday. After all, this is the second time the 5-year QB was late for a Texans event. The first came after Coach O'Brien named Brian Hoyer as starter. Just a few days later, Mallett showed up late to training camp, blaming his alarm clock and issuing a mea culpa to general manager Rick Smith.

Reports say it was Smith who prevented O'Brien from firing Mallett this weekend, but he must've had a change of heart after Sunday's 44-26 thumping by Miami.

To fill the void, the Texans are bringing back T.J. Yates, a quarterback the team originally drafted in 2011.

Now the big question is: will Mallett make his flight out of Houston?


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