Houston Equal Rights Ordinance gets voted down

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HOUSTON, TX - A Texas-sized showdown ended last night, and this time around it was the HERO that got shot down. We're talking about Houston's equal rights ordinance, which was voted down by a wide margin on election night.

Prop 1 was intended to protect the rights of all Houstonians from discrimination. proponents say they feel there was plenty of support for hero despite it becoming a political hot potato. In the end, it didn't get nearly enough votes. Houstonians voted 39 percent for HERO and a whopping 61 percent against it, after a dramatic anti-HERO campaign that could have swayed voters on the so-called 'bathroom issue'.

But even while Prop 1 was going down in flames, supporters claim the fight has just begun. Houston Mayor Annise Parker had this to say on election night, "No one's rights should be subject to a popular vote. It is insulting, it is demeaning and it is just wrong."

So what happened? According to those anti-HERO, the right thing. President of Texas Values says, "Houston voters were united against this deceptive, and dangerous ordinance that threatened freedom, and threatened faith. And it also threatened common sense."

Houston's Mayor Parker sees it another way, "This is a campaign of fear mongering, and deliberate lies. This isn't misinformation. This is a calculated campaign of lies, designed to demonize a little understood minority."

HERO is over for now, but Mayor Parker vows that's only temporary. The next chapter of HERO has yet to be written.

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