Over half of black millennials have experienced police violence, or know someone who has

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HOUSTON, TX - A police involved shooting in Houston and two sides try to find the truth.

Early Wednesday morning, 57-year-old John Allen was pulled over for allegedly committing a moving violation. Once stopped, police say he pulled a pistol so they shot and killed him.

Quanell X spoke at a press conference at the scene later that day. “He said to the police twice, ‘I’m going to go in my pocket to get my license, I’m going to go into my pocket to get my license,' and when he dug in his pockets that’s when they started shooting.”

A witness in the car with Allen at the time, describes what she saw.

“They shot him through my window. They came up close to shoot him through my window and he hit the tree. They walked over to his side and pulled him out the car and shot him again after he was already dead,” says Shanell Arterberry.

Unfortunately these stories are not rare.

In fact, a study out of the university of Chicago released this week from 2009, says that over half of black millenials have either experienced harassment or violence at the hands of the police, or know someone who has.

This survey was researched before the tragedies of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. Whether the solution is cameras, training or something else, millenials need a solution, sooner rather than later.

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