Flights to Britain resume amid new details ISIS bomb brought down Russian plane

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SHARM EL-SHEIKH, EGYPT – And now, the vast global resources of NewsFix take you to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, where media reports say British spies learned of a plot by ISIS terrorists to launch a major attack in the region days before the Russian Metrojet crash.

That intel led British prime minister David Cameron to announce Her Majesty’s government believes a bomb probably caused the weekend crash of Flight 9268.

And that led Britain and Ireland to suspend all flights to and from Sharm El-Sheikh, stranding 20,000 British tourists on holiday.

Government officials in Egypt and Russia don’t agree compromised security at the Sharm El-Sheikh airport allowed a terrorist to smuggle a bomb in checked luggage.

If that happened, it would be the first time ISIS used a bomb to bring down a passenger jet.

Those stranded British tourists are now getting to fly home, but it’s a long wait as they go through ramped-up security at the airport. And, they can only take carry-on.

"We feel like it will probably be the safest flight back we'll that we'll probably ever have, so we're glad that the government are putting security measures in place for us,” said one woman waiting for her flight home.

Meantime, in Russia, family members and friends bury Timur Miller, a 33-year-old businessman killed in what very well may be Islamic State’s first airline bombing.