Nicole Lennon crushes it on the volleyball court and in school as a Class Act

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KATY, TX - Nicole Lennon is fascinated by living things, which is why biology is her favorite subject and a possible career in the medical field is in her future.  Oh yeah, she's also a fantastic volleyball player.

The junior at Cinco Ranch High School is as competitive as they come, with slamming the ball onto the other side of the court being one of her favorite things.

"It just feels like you're soaring, and you see all their faces," Lennon said. "You know you can slam it down anywhere that you want. It's like a gigantic watermelon, and you just want to slam it, crush it into a million pieces."

Lennon's parents got her into the sport when she was seven years old, taking her to play at the YMCA. That's not where volleyball was introduced to the Lennon family though.

"My parents actually met playing volleyball. They played beach volleyball. My dad's a better server and a better hitter, but my mom's more scrappy."

Lennon is already verbally committed to playing volleyball at Rice University after she graduates from Cinco Ranch.