Sealy police officer gets death threats for traffic ticket

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Rule of the day: watch what you say on online.
You may have already known that but one man who was stopped by police Wednesday in Sealy decided not to follow that rule.

After being stopped by Sealy police he seemed pretty upset judging from his Facebook post a few hours later.

Riddled with some not too friendly curse words, the post said in short:

To the cop that just gave me a ***** ticket...I hope you eat lead before the court date..."

"The lesson to be learned from this, choose what you say very carefully,"  said Chief of Sealy Police Chris Noble.

Chief Noble said no crazy altercation happened between the driver and his officer and that it was just a routine traffic stop. The driver, Brad Moehl left with a citation for driving an unregistered vehicle and for not having a drivers license in his possession.

But what made this altercation go viral was the chief's Facebook response.

The post said in part:

"It is my sincerest hope that you and your family are blessed with love and laughter as we go into the season of thankfulness and giving."

The driver who made the post refused an interview but he apologized to the police and he says he has no malice towards the cops.