Animals making a stink forces a plane to land

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KUALA LAMPUR - A Boeing 747 was forced to make an emergency landing, recently, thanks to a herd of flatulent four-legged billys. Two thousand, to be exact.

Singapore Airlines was taking the group to Kuala Lumpur on a freighter plane. But you know how it is, "kids will be kids" and in this case, they are being blamed for producing enough methane gas to trigger the fire alarm.  Of course, they could just be scapegoats.  Either way.....pewwwww!

As in, Pepe Le Pew!

We know it`s not a good idea to combine gasses, but, we just couldn`t resist. One little guy created quite a stink in Arizona this past summer showing off its handstand skills.  Experts say the spotted skunk will throw its tail in the air to warn predators of what`s to come.

Cute little stinker. And his little dance is......well....odor-able!