Sports competition for athletes and vets with disabilities rocks Houston

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From wheelchair basketball to power soccer, the Metal and Muscle expo was in full gear Saturday. Focused on participation from disabled veterans and athletes, anyone of any age with physical and sensory disabilities is invited to the weekend long sports tournaments and group fun.

"I never played basketball," said Joseph Henry, a baller with 23 years of experience playing wheelchair hoops. Henry traveled from New Orleans to play in the tournaments.

"My accident happened when I was 12 years old, I though there wasn't much I could do," said Henry making reference to the gunshot wound that left him in a wheelchair.

Now the all-star point guard says he's addicted to playing the game.

"To meet these guys on my same level and same predicament, awww man thank God for this. "

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department put on the event and they hope the expo can springboard participants to get involved in yearly and seasonal programs in Houston, including the adaptive recreational center on West Gray.

"The bigger impact is to let people with a physical disability know that they can do whatever they want to," said  Chuck French, administration manager of the department.