Mexican restaurant in Montrose ‘carding’ naughty kids

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HOUSTON - Listen up parents, if your children are ill-mannered hooligans, you’re not welcome at Cuchara Mexican Restaurant in Montrose.

“The parents were not watching them so they start running and they scratch a wall, they try to paint on the mural and they run where our waiters are passing by with really heavy trays,” explains Cuchara's co-owner Ana Beaven. She told us she did try talking to the parents, “We’ve addressed with many parents about their kids misbehaving but they didn’t seem to care.”

To protect their staff, property and other diners, the restaurant has started handing out cards to patrons with these potentially troublemaking tykes. “We just decided to print a set of rules for parents with kids that are misbehaving. We’re not banning kids, we’re just asking for the parents to watch them when they’re here," says Beaven.

We asked diners their thoughts on the restaurant’s rules and couldn't find anyone who thought it was a bad idea.

“I think it’s common courtesy” says Heather, a patron.

Katharine, a regular at the restaurant tells us, “We bring our 3-year-old here quite regularly and we expect him to sit at the table and eat with us and not run around. If he does get up and move around then it’s our responsibility as his parents to show him the right way to behave.”

Sarah is also a parent and says, “People that disrespect other people’s property, I think should be chucked out.”

Martha was dining with her daughter when we asked her opinion, “I think this is a good idea. When I go to a restaurant I want to enjoy my food so I know how it feels to have a child running around.”

Food for thought, Cuchara is a kid-friendly restaurant that happily accepts "restaurant friendly" children and their parents, of course.

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