13-foot long alligator captured in Sugar Land shopping center

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SUGAR LAND, TX - If there is one thing you don't wanna meet at your neighborhood strip mall it's a 13-foot alligator.   Lucky for us, super Christy Kroboth, a trained professional alligator catcher, is here to save the day.

At 6:15 Saturday morning, Christy got a phone call.  It was the police: a giant alligator was spotted at a parking lot behind The Home Depot in First Colony Commons Shopping Center.  "Godzilla", as they later named the reptile, apparently came from the nearby Oyster Creek.

"We tried to do a front catch on him," she said.  "Obviously his jaws were too big for my hands to go around, so we did attempt to get on the gator to catch it that way.  We clearly did not outweigh the gator.  As y'all saw in the video, he did swap me with the tail as we got off.  After that we just worked with him a little bit more to get him more tired."

And nobody messes with Christy.  She has the skills, she has the strength and clearly this was not her first rodeo.  By the way, Kroboth is also a dental hygienist, so she's not afraid of fierce teeth.   In the end, Godzilla was caught and ended up in the back of a pick up truck, waiting to be relocated.

"He's going to go down to El Campo, an alligator farm," explained the gator catcher.  "He will live out the rest of his life there and just be a happy gator."

And that's much better than becoming a pair of shoes, a wallet or a purse.  So, good luck, Godzilla.  See you later.