Former Jordanian cop kills 2 Americans at police training center in Amman

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AMMAN, JORDAN – A Jordanian police officer shot and killed two Americans and a South African at the International Police Training Center.

Instructors from the US, South Africa, and other nations train Palestinian and Iraqi police officers at the facility on the edge of Amman.

A government spokesman said the two Americans were contractors. He added that the gunman wounded two other Americans and four Jordanians.

Authorities believe the gunman was recently fired from the police force. It’s unclear whether he killed himself or was shot by police.

The killings occurred on the tenth anniversary of suicide bombings at three western hotels in Amman that killed at least 57 and wounded more than 300. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.

In Beitar Illit, near Bethlehem, a civilian guard at a city gate stopped a 22-year-old Palestinian woman for questioning after a dispatcher notified him of her suspicious behavior.

Security video shows her reaching into her purse and pulling out a knife and attacking the guard who shot her. Both survived.

And another security video shows a car ramming into a group of Israelis in the Samaria region of the West Bank, injuring at least five.

Authorities say the Palestinian driver died when police officers fired at the car.

Another incident in the Middle East’s killings zones.