High school volleyball coach accused of taping players when dressing

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OAK LAWN, IL - Volleyball is all about those serves, but it's an alleged "perv" who's garnering headlines in a Chicago suburb. Police say Raymond Van Syckle, the coach of high school varsity volleyball team, went way out-of-bounds when he recorded girls changing.

The investigation got started when a student found a cell phone in the locker room. A search warrant revealed the phone belonged to Van Syckle, the 31-year-old volleyball coach and pool and equipment manager.

Concerned mother Michelle Gonzalez says, "It's very disturbing and actually very scary that something like that would happen."

The school benched Van Syckle without pay. Now, they're trying to find out if any other students felt the coach had crossed the line at some other time.

Van Syckle is charged with unauthorized video recording, and spent some time in a jail cell which appears to be a much more suitable place for than on the court.