Houston teen involved in street brawl recovering after being run over by car

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HOUSTON - A teenage girl almost ended up as roadkill after being involved in a street brawl.  A car ran over 14-year-old DeBreanna Hunter, leaving her badly injured body rolling on the ground.

The scene was caught on camera in southeast Houston.  The driver plowed through a gate at Cullen Middle School, and onto the football field, ran over DeBreanna, then drove away.

Now DeBreanna is in a different fight; to recover from serious injuries.

"Her injuries include, broken pelvis, broken hips, broken leg, broken ribs, her liver was split," said DeBreanna's mother, Aurelia Hunter.

From DeBreanna's bedside to online, family and friends are showing their support.  A GoFundMe account has been setup to help with expenses.

"We're just basically looking at a long road of recovery, probably weeks to months," Hunter stated.

The family knows the driver.  Hunter claimed, "We know her name.  We know where she works.  We know her mom's name.  We know where her mom works.  We know that she's in the Army.  We know where they live."

No arrests have been made yet.