Only 1 in 4 employees would take a 10% raise and work for a competitor

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HOUSTON, Tx. - What makes people quit their jobs? The money, right?  Maybe - but maybe not.  New numbers from Seattle based employee survey company TinyPulse says, for a 10% raise, only 1 in 4 employees would go work at a competitor. Turns out, money isn`t everything.

Lots of people we talked to cited family time, vacation, and even something as simple as just being appreciated bought a lot of loyalty.

Another stat in the survey might shed some light on why people leave - only a quarter of respondents feel they have the opportunity to advance in their current position.

For millennials, that`s terrifying. Especially when you look at other articles like this one from Forbes that says employees who stay in companies longer than two years get paid 50% less over their lifetime.

So while that 10% short-term increase might not be enough for 75% of folks to leave good co-workers and managers behind, the fact that you'll earn less by staying put could give you just the kick out of the door you need.