Puppy gets rescued at sea

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GULF OF NAPLES - This is the story of a labrador retriever retrieved from the sea. It happened off the coast of Italy.

Six sailors from the Savoia Yacht Club were sailing the Gulf of Naples , with no other vessels in sight, when something made a beeline for their boat...

Lino Grosso, one of the six sailors, says, "We thought we are crazy. this dog is coming from the sky. It's impossible."

Grosso shot the rescue of the three-month-old pup named Noodle.


Noodle's rescuers didn't know the dog had been riding a hydrofoil ferry with his brand new owner when he slipped his leash and fell into the sea. The onwer asked the ferry to stop and search but they were unable to do so.

But half an hour or more later, Noodle was still dog paddling for dear life. He was trembling and crying as he was cuddled.

Noodle was returned to his very thankful family with a new "leash" on life! Noodle is also making the rounds on al the Italian TV talk shows. Seems everyone is interested in this furry  "ferry"-tale!