UH Cougars remain undefeated at 9 – 0

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HOUSTON, TX – Listen up Houston football fans,  the University of Houston Cougars continue to dominate the American Athletic Conference. The Coogs remaining undefeated, after beating Cincinnati this weekend. No one feels the teams mounting momentum more than Tom Herman, in his first year coaching at UH. Herman says, “I think the excitement is good. I think the think you caution against is listening to the outside noise and the praise, but the excitement is great.”

Even though this is the first time since 2011 that the Coogs have gone 9- 0, Herman is making sure the players keep it all in perspective, this weekend when Houston faces off against Memphis. “We can have a little extra pep in our step. We can be excited about Saturday, and hopefully that will proved a little extra energy throughout this weeks practice, but we’re not going to change a thing we do.” says Herman.

The 16th ranked Cougars are taking on the 25th ranked Tigers. And while this is going to be one heck of a cat fight, U-of-H students can already taste tiger blood. Even Apple’s SIRI seems to be a cougar fan. Go ask her what her favorite college football team is and she’ll say, “I always like to root for the underdog. I guess that makes me a fan of Houston right now.” We don’t know about underdogs, but the Coogs are definitely the fat cats of college football right now.

Herman is making sure they’re ready for Saturday. Would an undefeated season put the Coogs in the national title playoff? Probably not. But at least they’re stirring the pot.