University of Missouri System president quits as racial protests mount on Columbia campus

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COLUMBIA, MO – There’s more misery in Missouri today.

This time racial tensions at the University of Missouri in Columbia have led to the resignation of UM System president Tim Wolfe.

"I love MU. I love Columbia, where I grew up. The state of Missouri. I've thought and prayed about this decision and it’s the right thing to do.”

Wolfe said he takes full responsibility for the inaction by his administration for racist remarks and actions on the Columbia campus in recent weeks.

He asked the university community to listen to each other’s problems and, in his words, stop intimidating each other.

"Use my resignation...  Please, please, use this resignation to heal, not to hate.  And let's move forward together, for a brighter tomorrow."

Wolfe’s resignation followed a threat by African-American football players, with the support of their coach, to boycott practices and games until grad student Jonathan Butler ended his hunger strike to protest the state of race relations on the Mizzou campus.

"This moment really means so much to not just me but so many people uh, because we've been fighting as underrepresented students for so long,” Butler said after Wolfe’s resignation. “And to see there's a clear stance on racism and a clear stance on inequality on campus is huge."

African-American students have been complaining since September about racial slurs and other slights on the predominately white flagship campus.

And recently, a swastika drawn in feces turned up on a dormitory bathroom wall.

If race relations on campus are as systemic as some student groups say,  it will take more than the resignation of the school’s president to change the hearts, minds, and culture of the university community.