Fourth GOP Debate Recap

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MILWAUKEE, WI -- Tuesday's GOP debate got a little feisty at some points, but one thing every candidate could agree on: beating Hillary Clinton.

This time around, there were fewer folks on stage (no Chris Christie or Mike Huckabee), and there was a lot of talk about money and immigration. The candidates touted their tax plans and the need for reform. They got especially heated on immigration.

“We're not going to go and round people up, 11 million people, and drag them out of their homes and ship them across the border. It's an absurd thought,” said John Kasich after the debate. He made similar remarks on stage which made for a fiery exchange with Donald Trump.

Hillary's peeps were live tweeting  the whole time. One message said "Fewer candidates on stage but the same number of new ideas as the last #GopDebate: zero."

At least that relationship is mutual.

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