Magazines to stop ranking ‘Top Women’

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HOLLYWOOD, CA-- In Ultimate Fighting, women duking it out has become more and more popular, but in Hollywood, they've had enough!

The Hollywood Reporter magazine is putting an end to their annual "Power 100 Women in Entertainment" issue and Billboard is doing the same to their "50 Most Powerful Women in Music."

Co-president over both mags Janice Min says it "pits the town's most impressive females against one another" and encourages the idea that there's just room for one "alpha woman" at a time in Hollywood.

Houston independent filmmaker Michelle Mower agrees with the switch, "The women of this industry need to come together. Instead of competing against each other and trying to outrank each other, we need to be supporting each other." Mower has experienced that female support from the execs at Lifetime network. They will debut her latest film, "The Preacher's Sin" Saturday night.

Cathy Matusow is executive editor at Houstonia magazine. She says putting an end to the power women lists is the right call, "Here at Houstonia, we love lists. We're not opposed to lists. I think we're gonna do our own Influentials issue in 2016. But I think it is a mistake to rank people, and I think it's a mistake to pull women out."

From now on, Min says The Hollywood Reporter's 'Power 100' will include both men and women in the same list.

"With the Hollywood Reporter's 100 most powerful women issue," says Mower, "it became something else. It became more about the competitiveness of trying to outrank someone. If women are going to advance in this industry, it's not going to be by tearing each other down. It's going to be by lifting each other up."

Now that's real power!

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