Oklahoma is now the number one earthquake area in the world

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CUSHING, OK – The Oklahoma Corporation Commission says the state is the number one earthquake area in the world.

Figures from the US Geological Society show Oklahoma had just a few quakes five years ago. But nearly 2,200 quakes have hit Oklahoma in the last year, including five quakes measuring around 4.0 that hit the Cushing area.

That’s a concern because nearly 80 million barrels of oil are stored there, with more than a dozen pipelines running in and out of the city.

Not only does Cushing have the world’s largest oil-storage facility, it’s also a “critical infrastructure” in the eyes of homeland security.

Environmental groups link the quakes to fracking, but oil companies don’t agree.

No one is denying there’s a whole lot of shaking going on, or that one day mother earth may unload with a big one.

And if you believe this video from Nova Scotia, she’s just catching her breath.

A guy named Brian Nuttall took a cell phone video on Halloween, of all days. Scientists say dislocated tree roots are causing the earth to look like it’s breathing.

But tree huggers keep telling us that earth is a living organism. From the looks of it, they might be right.

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