Politically (in)correct holiday happenings

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Move over Starbucks cup, there are some other controversial Christmas items on sale and social media is all a buzz.

Many took to social media saying Target is making way too light of mental illness. Saying obsessive compulsive disorder is serious and shouldn’t be mocked.

Then again, some are not offended at all. Even those with the disorder.

One tweeted: “It’s not a joke. But it’s just a sweater. Calm down people!”


Another company on the receiving end of some negative social media is Bloomingdale's. The holiday ad shows poor judgment on the part of the high end retail giant. The ad says, “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking.” The woman in the ad is laughing, but customers aren’t.

The chief complaint? The ad endorses date rape. One tweet: “I’m disgusted this ad went to print without any sensitivity.”

Bloomies apologized in response to the backlash. But because the ad is in a printed catalog, it can’t be pulled. Bloomingdale's is just hoping to turn the page on this faux pas.

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