Veterans Day celebrated in downtown Houston

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HOUSTON - Houstonians gathered downtown to celebrate Veterans Day. “Democracy is a garden that is watered by the blood of patriots, and the freedoms we enjoy are the fruits of that garden,” said Mayor Annise Parker. How true of a statement is that.

There are over 300,000 veterans in the Houston area who have served during peacetime and every war or conflict from WWII to Afghanistan.
To honor the troops and show their appreciation, Houstonians lined the streets downtown to watch the Veterans Day Parade. Floats, bands, drill teams, and ROTCs marched to applause from the crowds.

"Veterans Day means to me, supporting our troops, showing that appreciation and really thanking them” says Ellie Wright.

Gisella De Ponton tell us, “They fight for us and they die for us and I think we should be here.”

“Our veterans that really stand up for America, day in and day out, do the hard work of protecting us” says Bob Hall.

Jessie Gueterman works with the Wounded Warrior Project, “It’s about honoring those who have served and fought so hard for our freedom, because without them we wouldn’t be free.”

Tabitha Robinson, an Army Veteran says, “To me Veterans Day is very important, just remembering the sacrifices that we all made and it was a choice to join and I’m very proud to have served my county.”

So is U.S. Army Veteran Ron Childress, who when asked why he served said, “We didn’t do it for any glory or ribbons or promotions. We did it as a call to duty.”

Thank you veterans, Americans are grateful for your service.

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