Was a UFO spotted near downtown Houston?

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HOUSTON, TX - They don't call Houston "Space City" for nothing! A six-second video, taken on I-45 southbound close to downtown, seems to show some strange lights that many are saying, are not of this world. The short clip was posted Monday on Twitter, and followers are calling what's seen a UFO.

The video, which was taken close to the infamous "Be Someone" bridge, looks like it was shot looking through the driver's side window. When we tried to duplicate this view from our own station vehicle, we saw a mysterious floating red orb. No, our garage isn't haunted. It just means our truck's alarm is on and is reflected on the window.

We've reached out to the Twitter poster, but have not heard back from the account holder. Maybe he was abducted by aliens, but we highly doubt that. The truth is still out there. That, is the only reflection we got out of the video.

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