Groper busted for sexual assault at DC convenience store, twerker on the loose

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WASHINGTON, DC – You may have seen the security video at a Washington, DC, convenience store that shows two women sexually assaulting a male customer, first by twerking, then by aggressive groping.

Twerking and groping aren’t crimes in DC, unless the other person considers it sexual assault, like the man did.

Police busted the groper, a 22-year-old from Las Vegas. They say someone fingered her after seeing the video. The twerker is still loose.

Marquette Edwards says when he saw the video from the Shell station, he recognized them as the same women who groped him outside another Shell a block away. "I pushed the both of them off me it was like, ‘Hey, back up!’ I mean, they was so all it was like please leave me alone. I'm not into that."

That part of town is known as a favorite spot for hookers.

Edwards was surprised when he saw the video, but he says he never thought about calling the cops. "Guys you know, we have an ego. I was sexually assaulted by female would you come help me please, come on.”

The victim says he didn’t call the cops right away because he thought some of the guys out front were their pimps, and he didn’t want any trouble.

Also, he says he’s a teacher and didn’t need any more unwanted attention.


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