Are your fave fast foods worth the steps it takes to burn them off?

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NEW YORK CITY-- Mama used to say, 'Eat a cheeseburger, and you might as well slap it on your butt.' In other words, is it really worth it?

The folks at Thrillist Media Group decided to put that to the test. They calculated just how far you would have to walk to burn off some of the most popular on-the-run foods.

First up-- a Snickers bar. At 215 calories, you'd have to walk 2.4 miles just to burn it off. Brandon Robinson, a guy who likes to get his Snickers on, says, "When you're in the moment, you don't really think about it. You're just trying to release some stress and have some chocolate."

Need your Starbucks fix? You might rethink that when you hear a grande caramel frappucino will have you doing 4.6 miles around the track. "That's a lot of walking to burn off a cup of coffee," says Timothy O'Leary, who drinks java rarely but is married to a Starbucks addict.

His wife Leslie O'Leary has a two-a-day Starbucks habit, "It's not worth it for the amount of calories. But if you naturally work out or you're an active person, then it's not that bad of a trade."

Next up-- McDonald's Big Mac. It will take a six-mile walk to burn that bad boy's 540 calories off. "Oh man! You're gonna run yourself into the ground," says Robinson.

The story gets worse with the Five Guys cheeseburger. It's certainly delicious, but at 840 calories, you'd have to walk 18,000 steps to burn it off. That's nearly 9 1/2 miles! Edith Gilman is a Five Guys regular. "Moderation is the key here. I have to get the baby burger, a few peanuts and a glass of water," she says. "That's moderation for a meal."

And don't let Wendy's fool you! They may tout their salads, but Dave's Hot n' Juicy 3/4 Pound Triple burger will send you on a 12 1/2 mile trip. It's more than 1100 calories, half the total calories a moderately active 25-year-old woman should eat in a day.

"All the fat, the grease-- if you've ever had a Wendy's burger, it's super greasy," says Wendy Wright, a fast food mommy. "(But) 12 miles?! No, I can barely walk one mile," she says with a laugh.

For the record we're not trying to talk you out of scarfing up these things. Heck! We love 'em, too. But if you're going to consume them, you might consider investing in a new pair of running shoes.

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