Georgia man discovers he carried loaded weapon in his carry-on from Atlanta to Chicago

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ATLANTA, GA – Sometimes, security screenings at the airport can seem like an aggressive first date, with the other person going from first base to third base in a matter of seconds.

In Denver, two Transportation Security Administration screeners lost their jobs earlier this year after conspiring to grope attractive men at the airport.

Blake Alford is a retired truck driver from Georgia. Probably not the kind of guy those Denver gropers would single out, which may explain how he got a loaded gun in his carry-on onto a flight from Atlanta to Chicago.

He said it was just an honest mistake. "I put my backpack on the thing; it goes through the scanner, no problems, no issues."

Alford didn’t find out he was packing heat until he unpacked his bag when he got to Chicago.

“I said, and it's loaded. And I just dropped the magazine out of it, so I had a loaded .380 semiautomatic in my backpack."

That’s when Alford found himself in a pickle: should he tell anyone, or just keep quiet?

He chose to unload the gun and pack it in his checked bag.

The TSA said it’s looking into it and will “retrain employees as necessary to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.”

Yeah, and how to tell the differences between shampoo, toothpaste, and a semi-automatic pistol.

It’s just a shot.

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