Holland: ‘France is at war’; Anonymous declares war against ISIS

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PARIS, FRANCE – The French parliament met for the first time since the Friday terror attacks in Paris that killed 129 and wounded 350.

France’s president Francois Hollande telling parliament and the world "France is at war.”

Speaking to a rare joint session of parliament, Hollande promised to destroy the ISIS threat.

Hollande also said the terrorists came up with the idea in Syria and planned it in Belgium, where a series of raids by Belgian police led to arrests, but not the guy they wanted. He’s Salah Abdesalam, the surviving terrorist.

Sources say two prominent ISIS members masterminded the attacks.

Overnight, French warplanes hit the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, for a second day.

Speaking at the G-8 summit in Turkey, President Obama said the US has the right strategy and will see it through. "ISIL is the face of evil. Our goal, as I've said many times, is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization."

A new video from ISIS warns that countries taking part in Syrian airstrikes will suffer the same attacks as in Paris, and named Washington as one of the cities on their list.

The anonymous hacking group called Anonymous is hacked off at ISIS, and has declared war against the terrorists. “We’re tracking down members of the terrorist group responsible for these attacks. We will not give up.”

Back in France, the citizens of Paris are trying to get back to normal. The day started with a moment of silence at Le Bataclan, the theater were 89 concert-goers died Friday night.

And finally this, two cats turned up to check out the stage at the G-8 summit. A sign, possibly, that’s it’s time to stop pussyfooting around with ISIS?

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