Houston holds a moment of silence for Paris

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HOUSTON, TX - A moment of silence for Paris.  In the aftermath of last Friday's terror attacks, Houstonians showed their solidarity with the French.   During a ceremony held outside the French Consulate on Monday, attendees mourned the 129 innocent lives shed, and expressed their determination not to surrender to terrorism.

"It's the most tragic thing to have innocent people slaughtered the way that this happened," said Michelle LeBlanc.  "The only way that we can do this is to not be afraid of them but to stand up to them, and stand together."

People wanted to feel close to their brothers and sisters in Paris in this difficult time.  They brought flowers and signs, and left their messages of support in a book of condolences.

"We're thinking of you," expressed Maxime Morvan.  "You guys are not alone.  And even if I'm far away from my family, you are in my heart."

It was a dark weekend for the City of Lights, and for all those who value democracy and freedom throughout the world.  Houston and Paris united, in tears and hope… committed to defending our right to be safe and live in peace.

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