Anti-Muslim vandalism and violence in US following Paris terror attacks

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PFLUGERVILLE, TX – Backlash to the weekend terror attacks in Paris have made their way to the United States. In Pflugerville, Texas, just north of Austin, police say hooligans left feces-covered pages from a Quran at the door of a mosque.

Muslims who pray at the Islamic Center of Pflugerville say they have never had problems.

Owais Islam attends the Islamic Center. “Somebody must have been really out of their mind to go about doing that and they took the time to stick pages of the Quran on there, I mean it's just very disrespectful."

Board member Faisal Naeem would like to speak to the person responsible. "If I find the guy or girl who did this I would welcome them with open arms."

Laura Swanson is not a Muslim, but her 7-year-old son Jack raided his piggy bank for 20 bucks and gave it to the Islamic Center, an act of kindness that may help restore faith in humanity.

Some of that goodwill is needed in North Carolina where someone tried to kill an Uber driver, thinking he was a Muslim.

Samson Woldemichael is a Christian from Ethiopia. “He hit me from the back very hard on the forehead I think. He charged me with arm, and he was beating with the other repeatedly on my head. I stopped the car first and I just started to honk the horn very continuously just to get help."

Woldemichael thinks he was a victim of stereotyping.

The man wasn’t caught.

Anger and hostility after the ISIS attacks is wholly understandable, but such acts are always totally unacceptable.