Happy to be home: American tourists return after Paris attacks

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A trip to France is something a lot of people dream about, but that dream became a nightmare for many Americans visiting Paris when terrorists killed 129 people in coordinated attacks.

Caitlin Clancy says, "We were less than a mile from one of the attacks."

The Clancy family says they didn't know what to do, so they holed up in their hotel.

Mike Clancy adds, "There was the bomb that went off near the stadium, so it started to get more severe pretty quickly."

Not far away, a group of Chicago students on a school trip tried to understand what was happening all around them.

Jermaine Berry says, "What was initially going through my mind was just the shock factor. Like, really did this actually just happen? "

Scott Nelson, Berry's teacher, says, "The kids started getting text messages from home. Of course, they were panicking."

Rachel Pankiw was asleep when the first attack happened, but woke up to sirens. She says, "I was still definitely scared because our hotel was literally ten minutes away from where the attacks were so we heard ambulances non stop."

Terrified, but safe, these Americans say they're thankful to be back on U.S. soil.

Jermaine says, "I'm glad to be home with my family so they don't have to worry about me anymore."

Caitlin adds, "We are lucky, the world is not as safe as most of us would like it to be and think that it is."

Unfortunately, that is one nightmare from which we can't wake.