Most extensive face transplant ever completed in NYC

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NEW YORK, NY – Patrick Hardison, 41, was a volunteer firefighter in Senatobia, Mississippi in 2001 when he was severely burned in a house fire.

The roof collapsed, leaving Hardison's face, head, neck, and upper torso disfigured. He also lost his eyelids, ears, lips, most of his nose, and his hair.

But while this may sound like a hopeless situation, it’s not. NYU Langone Medical Center says they have successfully completed the most extensive face transplant ever on Hardison. Three months after the 26-hour surgery that involved more than 100 doctors, nurses, and staff, Patrick's new face is robust with color (meaning circulations been restored), his hair is growing, and he can use his new eyelids!

The donor was a 26-year-old who had died in an accident. Now, his face lives on, and Hardison gets a second chance at something that at least looks like a normal life.