Number of tobacco smokers in America dropping

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ATLANTA, GA - A new stat says cigarette use is going up in smoke, literally! According to a CDC report, the number of adults in the US that are lighting up is at an all-time low. Seems like Americans are finally realizing what a drag smoking really is. Blake Windham; American Cancer Society manager for the Cancer Action Network says, "The medical community is almost unanimous that smoking is harmful to your health, both for smokers and those exposed to the effects of second-hand smoke. We do know, based on our research, that if we could eradicate smoking from the world, that we could prevent 1 out of 3 cancer deaths that are directly related to smoking itself."

Now recently, we told you how cigarette sales were on the rise. Current smokers might be buying more of them, but there are a lot fewer smokers today. That's very different from way back in the 60's, where nearly half of the US population smoked. Many of those started young. But after decades of anti-tobacco campaigns, smoking bans and an increase in the price of packs, a record number of Americans are putting their cigarettes out for good. The news is a breath of fresh air to health officials. Windham says, "I think that we need more good news like this. We want to keep tracking this data, and we want to continue seeing a decline in the rates of smoking."

The findings show the numbers of smokers has fallen to nearly 20% in the past ten years, dropping a full percentage point from last year alone. According to the study, 15% of Americans currently smoke. That number is expected to drop to 12% or less by 2020. At this going rate, cigarettes might soon disappear in a puff of smoke.