Protesters in Minnesota close freeway after officer-involved shooting

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A protest in response to the officer-involved shooting of Jamar Clark over the weekend got downright nasty on Monday night in Minneapolis.

It started at a precinct, migrated to a highway exit ramp, and ultimately went onto the freeway, where the crowd blocked traffic. When police made detours for drivers, the crowd blocked those too.

The demonstration was in response to Clark's killing. Police say they were called because he was assaulting a woman Sunday morning and the shooting happened when he wouldn't cooperate. Witnesses say they saw something else.

"That man was shot when he had his hands behind his back, that's not right," said Kiesha Steele.

With conflicting stories, the Department of Justice will investigate, but in the meantime Monday’s protest literally stopped people in their tracks.

Finally police gave the crowd a 15-minute warning, calling the assembly unlawful. Fifty-one people were detained.