Sex offender sentenced after 40-mile chase with cops

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LAFAYETTE, LA - It is a nightmare scenario for so many parents: a teenage girl running away with a much older man who is also a sex offender.

It started last year when 16-year-old Ashley Lyon, from Tampa, Florida area, skipped town with 42-year-old Steven Myers.

Myers is a two-time sex offender who started a relationship with the teen girl and took her on a horrifying journey.

A break in the case came when a gas station clerk in Louisiana recognized the pair from TV, following them into the parking lot to see where they were headed before calling 911. As police closed in on Myers, he drove led them on a 40-mile chase through Louisiana in a stolen pickup truck.

Newly released dash-cam footage was used in court to convict Myers. It shows the stolen truck erupting in flames at the end of the chase. Myers stood on top of the vehicle and taunted police as they tased him and dragged him into custody.

The sex offender pleaded guilty to trying to kill his teenage passenger during the chase, stabbing Lyons nine or ten times. Myers was sentenced to 35 years of hard labor in Louisiana, and he could still be charged in Florida or by the federal government.

Young Ashley has recovered physically but her mom says "the smell of smoke sets off her P.T.S.D. and the sound of sirens."