Texas tornadoes hit the Panhandle

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AMARILLO, TX – Spring is usually the time for tornadoes in Texas, but you may not have known that November is the second season for Texas tornadoes. And the Panhandle is getting a taste of that season.

A large wedge twister formed outside of Miami, near Amarillo. Weather experts say several potential tornadoes hit the area Monday night, including one that may have leveled a Haliburton plant east of Pampa.

If not a tornado, then a really, really big wind that came out of a cloud during a tornado warning.

The plant has been closed about a month, so no one was inside, or at least no one should have been inside. No one was hurt, but the storm did cause some chemical spills that emergency crews had to go out and contain.

It also knocked out power to several thousand customers. There is an advantage to being in the dark during a tornado: you can’t see the flying cows.